24 April 2014

Ödland - Serait-ce un rêve ?

ÖdlandA journey into the wonderful landscapes of Bulgaria, directed by Lorenzo Papace with Alizée and Léa Bingöllü. This clip was filmed with an infrared camera, which means it captures invisible lights, unknown colors. It's like you are looking into the other world, the land of dreams. Our song Serait-ce un rêve ? is on the album Galaktoboureko. Have a nice trip !

Un voyage dans les merveilleux paysages de Bulgarie, filmé par Lorenzo Papace avec Alizée et Léa Bingöllü. Ce clip a été réalisé avec une caméra infrarouge, ce qui signifie qu'elle capte des rayonnements invisibles à l'oeil nu, des couleurs inconnues. C'est un peu comme si on regardait dans l'autre monde, le pays des rêves. Notre chanson Serait-ce un rêve ? figure sur l'album Galaktoboureko. Bon voyage !

Think positive. Be happy. x

23 April 2014

Halfbreeds - Gekkota EP

Nelly Schenkers (NL$N) and Joop van der Stap (JVDS), two fresh half-breed "brothers" from the heart of Amsterdam with a huge love for music. 

As a Dutch DJ duo, they're energetic, fun and irresistibly good crowd managers. Together their observation of the music scene, ear for music and huge knowledge of what the audience wants seems to be the golden key for these two, friends and figuratively speaking brothers. Put them together in a DJ booth or studio, instant magic comes to life.

"Gekkota" is their first EP as Halfbreeds and has received a lot positive of club response. Keep an eye on these freshly talented brothers as there will be a lot more to come.

Think positive. Be happy. x

22 April 2014

Matthew Daniel ft Lina - What Goes Around

Butterfly Jazz Records’s avatar@butterfly_jazz.

Gorgeous & interesting vocal tones which are accompanied by a nice light melodic piece.

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21 April 2014

Mr Marcello ft N.E.H.O - Love

StaticDelightRecords’s avatar@DjMrMarcello @staticdelight - SDR0015

Mr Marcello has over 15 years of musical experience as a drummer, DJ, producer & radio presenter on Australian radio.

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