23 March 2011

This aint nothin but a summer jam..

What a beautiful day! Hope you are all makin the most of the sun my lovely readers.

My first topic of this post is positivity. I have had a lot of shit in my life, and you may have too. No matter what the situation could always be worse, positive minds make a happier life. Whenever something gets you down, think back to something that made you smile, and be happy that you had that moment in your life. Always be spontaneous and take risks, otherwise you will always look back and wonder what could have happened.

Next topic is pushing yourself when you are passionate about something. For example, i look back a few years, i was interested in music n media, i put myself out there, made myself heard. Now look at me, working with people in the music industry and loving what i do.

My third topic is simple pleasures. You dont have to be rich and famous to enjoy life. Be happy with the little things in life. I saw a dog the other day, so content with this red squeeky toy.

So that is all for this week. Stay positive, be happy and live life to the full!

Mizz Ruby x

16 March 2011

I am me again!x

Hello my lovely Internet folk. Yes you read correctly, I feel like I am myself once again.. let me explain..

So last year I met someone special who means a lot to me, he is my best friend, and of course I would like more, so fingers crossed, someday. Anyway the year was going really well, I was able to talk to him everyday and tel him absolutely anything and trust him with my life. However, in August it all went a bit loopy and resulted in him cutting me out :'( I basically felt like I had lost a part of me. This week was very exciting as he is now back in my life and we are still close like we used to be. He also mixed for me for a while last night, he thought he was rubbish, but he was actualy good. So yea, I am happy happy happyyy :)

On other news, I was beeped at and called 'fit' by some random company van driver. Also my dreams are getting varied, some are raunchy like you would not believe, others are just plain weird with monsters and other randomness. Also my one of my many stalkers from 2 years ago in Mauritius apparatnly asked for my number. I was extremely creeped out to find this out, I mean gosh how on earth does he still remember me :S I advised my cousins with these words "DO NOT GIVE HIM MY NUMBER!!!"

For another week, i bid you farewell and hope you are all enjoying life :)

Mizz Ruby x

9 March 2011

Im back home cont.

I did write this blog earlier but my internet decided not to post it grr. Anyway, i updated my blog on monday but thought id keep to my usual wednesday day off updates. I am currently watching daytime tv, which is mainly cooking shows which i love (however i can't cook myself). I did make a nice toastie though, i would share but it may be cold by the time it got to you.

Thoughts of the week so far are that i need to catch up on sleep, thinking of future plans, moseying on through the uneventful week back home, thinking why on earth am i still a single pringle, and having a giggle about last weeks events.

I realised i havent spoken about music in a while so here goes. Last year was all about dubstep and dnb. This year i see uk garage is being pushed once again which i love. Also got to love some oldscool tunes.

As always leave me a comment/tweet/dm/poke/email... or just wander up to me n have a little chat :)

Mizz Ruby x

7 March 2011

Im back home!

Yes, that's right, back in my.... Wonderful? no. Lovely? no. Interesting? no. ... erm well lets just say back in my normal home. Gosh I do miss the London lifestyle, even though it does rinse me out of every last penny I have. Anyway I am sorry bloggers/readers/stalkers/random internet folk I haven't been able to blog for a while due to a very hectic schedule. I have missed you dearly, hugs all round :)
So I will update you on my goings on. You comfy? Ok then, lets go.

It all started three weeks ago when I was having a gander at the old Twitteroo (p.s. I hope you are following me! @MizzRuby_X) I noticed a job opertunity to produce a music video on my timeline and thought i'd jump on it. After a looooottttt of stress and planning we starting filming last week. Did I mention, it is for a lurverly girly who has featured and had tracks in the dance area of music and is pretty well known. I highly reccomend you follow her >> @T4ya << Anyway filming was absolutly brilliant, we got loads of good footage and working with my business partner (Tyrone) and Taya was just so fun and amazing. Myself and Ty finally finished the video today! We are soo pleased with the outcome, fingers crossed our clients are too!

So if you want a media production team, you know where to go! Just give me a little msg: mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk :D

On another note we did get up to a bit of mischief too. The weeks entertainment included: shouting "fancy a bum" at eachother; pinching 2 fit guys bums (one guy lookd up at me n then back down at his phone, the 2nd guy stoppd running and lookd at me in a very confused and suprised face); nearly pulling on the tube/DLR (didn't have anything with my number on it at the time :/ ); and getting insanely hammered to the point where you don't even remember that you've thrown up 5 minutes later xD

Ok I think you are all now update with my life, but don't worry I will be back soon to update you when my life throws me a banana and lets me ride it to the moon and back. Cheerio.

Mizz Ruby x