26 November 2011


So Wednesday was eventful to say the least. It was planned in a very scatty manner n there was bound to be some things going wrong. Coz of some silly ass boyy at Euston journey to seven sisters which usualy would be abt two changes turn into.. Waterloo > Oxford Circus > Warren Street > Ginch..??? > Leicester Square > Seven Sisters. And only AFTER that mission we hear "normal service on the Victoria Line has now been resumed" FML. Also learnt that night that buses on the opposite side go the same way?? Wtf. Halfway through journey we find out we're going wrong way n are miless away from where we need to be. One of those things where things have gone stupidly bad you just gota laugh.
Anywayy massive thanks to everyone, it was a good night n got good interviewss. Make sure you check out my previous stuf and we have loadsss more to come! UKGarage.Org 

18 November 2011

bunching & munching..

Ooshhh Mauritian Apollo noodles cooked with riccota cheese is to die forrr, i'm halfway through and full up and at the point where it's a bit sickly but i dont care its soo nice and defo good for #projectgainweight ;)

Are you Bunching Out? Youtube Link

One word I can never spell right - definitely (yes i spelt it right there but with the help of spellcheck)

Mizz Ruby x

9 November 2011

Want a mint?..

#NowPlaying: @LMPDJS on ministry of sound radio

So my mate got a goodie bag for her birthday, these interestingly shaped mints were included! They are far too strong flavoured, and too big and taste disgustinggggg when you bite into it, yet they are brilliant!

Haynzy - Mind on Your Body (DJ Beenie ukg remix)
Soundcloud Link

*Penguin added in memory of the badman thief penguin on Frozen Planet

Mizz Ruby x

6 November 2011


The film. Has anyone seen this yet? Looks pretty good.

5 November 2011

Free Free Free

Not got your tickets yet? We are giving away two free VIP tickets courtesy of UKGarage.org and Garage Kiss.

Email: mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk | Twitter @mizzruby_x

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FIFA have banned England from wearing the Poppy against Spain next week.
Let's get this trending on twitter..


DJ Para & Robbie Craig - Tell Me

Get it now for just 99p Juno Download Link || iTunes Download Link || Amazon Download Link 

4 November 2011


So in my third interview whilst typing it up apparently I was very sleepy and made an awful amount of mistakes of retyping words, see if you can spot all four mistakes! Interview with DJ Beenie

Calling all producers & DJ's !
It's nearly crimbo time, and ukgarage.org are doing an advent calendar!! See more info here to be on the calendar #UKGXMAS Advent Calendar

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