The Sassy Yank - Music is passion & adrenaline rolled into a pattern of music notes that create a permanent etching of a moment in my mind. Heartbreak DJ/MC - Music is a special language between lovers, its your voice when you cant find words, its pictures for your ears, it makes memories. ArtfulFor me music is everything, certain pieces of music have had such a profound effect on me during my lifetime, it has the ability to change moods and triggers so many memories etc, makes me believe that life can’t just be a coincidence. Shvona LavetteMusic is my freedom. Throughout my childhood and teenage years there were specific songs that spark cherished memories. That is the power of music. DJ CharmaThe source of discovering your true self any time of day, and at any point in your life. Put a track on in the car and feel it take over you. This is what music is all about. When you’re a DJ you’re the conductor who makes the music take over your audience. Such an amazing feeling, but perhaps only a fraction of what it must feel like to play own your music live in a concert to thousands of people. I have so much admiration for these guys. All About SheMusic has become a way of life for us and an obsession. It's all we do and we can't see ourselves doing anything else. LaTosha BrownMy first loves are people and music. I am extremely passionate about people and the music that inspires, moves and encourages the human spirit to persevere. It is for that reason why I study, collect, write and perform music from different genres. I am passionate about witnessing the power of music in other cultures around the world. Matthew DanielMusic is a life line, it isn’t just a hobbie and that passion that I put into making songs not only is positive it’s a vice. I may not be a singer-performer, a lot of big industry people expect musicians to do it all and this idea is unrealistic. I went through major heart surgery when I was five. I was given a piano when I recovered and I live with issues surrounding mental health music, family and friends, life is a working in progress, my problems might not be yours, I quit while I was in my final years, my degree that is, but I didn’t give up. I did put music on hold to complete my degree, music is my path in my life and that is what music means to me. Production has given me a direction, and a reason to work hard, or be a really annoying perfectionist.

La musique est ma vie... music is more than sound. It can be a comforter, party maker, career path or a way of life. I would like to turn your attention to these two organisations who help others through the power of music. Nordoff Robbins use music therapy to help others who are facing challenges such as autism, depression and mental health problems. Rhythmix gives various music making opportunities to young people in challenging circumstances, working with Crime Reduction and other youth support services.